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Are You Ready to Buy a House in Rochester, MN?

October 7th, 2014 · No Comments

RE/MAX Realtor Peter Dokken provides real estate services in Rochester, MN to help you buy a house or sell a house today!

Buying that first home is something most people look forward to with excitement, anticipation, and yes, a bit of nervousness. Even though it’s exciting to be “on the hunt” for just the right house, it can be a time consuming process. This is where a Rochester, MN real estate agent who is familiar with the area can be an enormous help. RE/MAX Realtor Peter Dokken can help you buy a house in Rochester, MN!

Besides working through a real estate agent, there are a number of things you can do to make the buying process faster, easier and more enjoyable. Here are a few suggestions:

– Is buying a house right for you at this time?

There is a lot to consider. Will you have the time it takes to maintain a house? There are routine tasks that take time like mowing the lawn, caring for plants and shoveling snow during the winter. There is also regular maintenance and repair that needs attention. If this is your first home it can be a great learning experience, but it does take time. There are also expenses related to maintenance and repairs as well as the possibility of higher utility bills than one may have in an apartment. You should also consider how long you plan to live in the area. If you feel comfortable with those matters then you are probably ready to buy your first house!

– Finances

This is perhaps the most important and practical of matters to consider when buying a home. Do you know your credit score? The higher your credit score, the better deal you can get on a mortgage.

Before you start your search, know how much you can afford to finance. You can talk to a lender for specific information or use one of several online mortgage affordability calculators to get a general idea what your budget will allow.

There are other up-front expenses you need to plan for as well like closing costs, attorney fees, appraisals and hiring a building inspector. You may also need to buy additional furniture, appliances and tools like a lawn mower or snow blower. Beyond those there are long-term expenses like taxes and insurance. Being aware of such expenses will make it easier to plan realistically.

– Finding the Right House

If you’ve done your homework with finances you should have a good idea what you can afford. This is where the fun begins. It’s time to dream and plan as you zero in on what type of house and neighborhood meets your needs. Start by making a list of “must have” items. That may include the number of bedrooms, size of the yard, traffic on your street, commute distance to work and shopping as well as what amenities a house offers. You may insist that a home have a minimum number of square feet, attached garage or central air conditioning. Having a checklist makes the search to buy a home in Rochester, MN much easier.

These are all issues a real estate agent can help you work through. When you work with an agent who is familiar with the area, neighborhoods, home values and projected city growth patterns, your search for the right house gets much easier. By enlisting the help of a real estate professional your agent can screen available homes against your list of requirements and show you only the properties that meet your prerequisites and match your budget.

When buyinga home, your real estate agent is your strongest ally and best resource for unbiased information and advice. If you are interested in buying a home or property in the Rochester, MN area, contact realtor Peter Dokken. Peter is a real estate agent with years of experience helping people find their “perfect” home. He has a high rate of customer satisfaction and will skillfully guide you through the buying process.

Whether you are selling or buying a home in Rochester, MN, call RE/MAX Realtor Peter Dokken and become one of his many satisfied clients.

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