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The True Cost of Selling Your Home in Rochester, MN

September 17th, 2014 · No Comments

RE/MAX Realtor Peter Dokken helps you navigate and minimize the added costs of the house selling process.

You’ve made the decision to sell your house. You decide on a price, put it on the market, wait for it to sell, take the profit from your equity and get on with life, right? Unfortunately, it’s not quite that simple. There are additional expenses to pay, and some mistakes you might make could end up costing you money. However, with the right Rochester, MN Realtor, the process doesn’t have to get complicated or unnecessarily expensive. A good real estate agent like RE/MAX Realtor Peter Dokken can help you steer clear of costly slip-ups. Some of the most common and costly mistakes sellers make actually stem from trying to save money.

Error number one: I can save money selling it myself. Sounds like a great way to save 6% to 7% in fees right off the top. Not so, according to the National Association of Realtors. Statistics show that a home listed with a Realtor sells for up to 20% more than homes for sale by owner. Not only that, but you get the experience and advertising power of your real estate agent working for you for fewer complications and a quicker sale.

Error number two: Fresh paint and clean windows don’t really affect the sale price. Painting a house inside and out is at best labor intensive. At worst it can get expensive if you hire someone to do it. The same can be said for window cleaning, If there were ever a case for being “penny-wise and dollar-foolish,” this is it. If paint isn’t fresh looking the house appears poorly cared for no matter how great the floor plan or amenities are. As for dingy windows, they make the whole house seem dreary by not letting in the most light. Grimy windows may also impede the view of your great landscaping job, a major selling point for many home buyers.

Error number three: If the buyer likes the neighborhood and house, they will overlook the little things. There are three words to say about that thinking: Wrong! Wrong! Wrong! The old saying “The devil is in the details” couldn’t be truer. Spending a little extra to upgrade light fixtures, replace a leaking faucet, or something as simple as swapping out plain plastic light switch and outlet covers for nicer options like brass or brushed metal will pay for itself in adding just a bit of a “wow factor” to your home. Potential home buyers don’t overlook the details and are impressed when a seller has gone that little bit extra. Your real estate agent is an excellent resource for pointing out these areas. They have the ability to look at your home with a buyer’s eye.

When it comes to adding details that make your house stand out from the rest, invest in things like extra plush towels for the bathroom, an attractive centerpiece for the kitchen or dining room table, a new table cloth or center runner, throw rugs, and fresh cut flowers for showings.

Finally, have your home inspected by a professional before you put it on the market. Chances are the buyer will hire a professional inspector. It’s much better not to have any surprises when it comes time to close. If problems are discovered early, you have time to make repairs or get estimates on having the repairs made. This will almost always cost less than having a buyer negotiate the selling price down to cover such repairs.

As with any home sale, your Rochester, MN real estate agent is your strongest ally and best resource for unbiased information and advice. If you are selling your home or property in the Rochester, Minnesota area, contact RE/MAX Realtor Peter Dokken in Rochester, MN to sell your home. Peter is a real estate agent with years of experience helping people sell their homes. He has a great sales record and a high rate of customer satisfaction. Give him a call today at 507-251-4151.

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