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Selling a Rochester, MN Home in a Competitive Market

June 22nd, 2014 · No Comments

Realtor Peter Dokken provides expert real estate services in Rochester, MN to sell your home with ease!

With the economy in a fragile state, there is no doubting that selling a home can be a difficult journey for many looking to sell their property. Because there are many houses on the market, home sellers must differentiate their property from others to stay competitive and ensure their homes will be sold. Thankfully, Realtor Peter Dokken provides assistance when selling your home in Rochester, MN to help you keep a competitive edge throughout your home selling journey.

A 2013 article from Forbes entitled “6 Tips for Selling Your Home Fast” provides intriguing insight into what a home seller can do to sell their home tactfully, efficiently, and successfully. The tips include:

1. “Differentiate from the Neighbors” – Consider adding custom design, landscaping, or other memorable features that home buyers can’t pass up.

2. “Clean the Clutter” – Hire a stager or ensure your home is clean, organized, and clutter-free to appeal to home buyers. A clutter-free home may help them better visualize their new life in your home!

3. “Sweeten the Deal” – Offer items or terms that make the deal too great to pass up. Some home sellers offer assistance with closing costs, home warranties, appliance coverage, etc.

4. “Improve Curb Appeal” – Work hard to make the external appearance of your home fresh, clean, and unique. Your home’s exterior is the first thing a potential buyer will see!

5. “Get Your Home in Move In Condition” – Freshen up all interior details and fix up light fixtures, door handles, etc. Alleviate the stress of dealing with the minute issues for a better experience for your home buyers!

6. “Pricing it Right” – Consult with a Real Estate agent to price your home right based on other homes in the area. Pricing your home at a competitive, yet realistic price, will make all the difference!

Throughout your home selling journey, Realtor Peter Dokken can assist in all details of selling a home in Rochester, MN. Not only does he have years of experience in the Rochester real estate market, but he has the capabilities to get your home sold and get you into your next dream home. The journey of selling a home doesn’t have to be difficult. For the best in real estate expertise and someone who will go that extra mile for you, contact Realtor Peter Dokken today!

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